Friday, 5 June 2009

Taking the trophy to Brno, Czech Republic!

As the organiser of Schoolovision, today I had the most wonderful moment of the whole project- I visited the winning school, ZS Husova, in Brno, the second largest city of the Czech Republic, to meet the children who won the competition, along with their teachers, and to present them with the Schoolovision trophy, to mark their fantastic piece of work.

It was a real pleasure, and I want to thank all those who welcomed me to the school, the children who performed the winning song once again for me, and the others, such as the Mayor of Brno and the Deputy Minister for Education in the Czech Republic, who all spent time with the children, listening to how they plotted their victory!

With the Schoolovision 2009 champions!

Headteacher Roman Tlustos, eTwinning partner Dana Ciglova, Michael Purves, creator of the project, and teachers Katerina Kosova and Marcela Necasova.

Watching the winners performing "Hejkal" again.

The winners, along with the teachers, the Mayor of Brno, and the Deputy Minister of Education in the Czech Republic, Jakub Durr.
Watch the winning song from the Czech Republic again!


Fiona Edwards (Yester Primary School) said...

It's super to see Michael with the children in Brno. They look very happy to have the lovely Schoolovision trophy.
I'm sure their headteacher and teachers are all very proud of them.
Well done to everyone who has worked really hard to make this wonderful project such a great success.

Mr Ikonen, in Finland said...

Congratulations to Czech Republic once again.

It was a great pleasure to be a part of this project.Thanks Michael for organizing the competition.

Skal said...

Michael, you are really the best!!

To organize this trophy, alone, during your school time without extra time for the project...

And the result is at the level of your work... excellent! Verrry corrrect (with the Scottisch accent...)

Congratulation for this work, impressive!!!

Hope to see you soon,

Anna-Lena said...

When I see this and read about it, I really understand what a hugh project we have been a part of! You´ve really made a SUPERSCHOOLOVISION - Michael!
Have a nice summer holiday! In Sweden we take summer holiday Friday the 12th of June.

Marek Fularz said...

A few days ago, 4 June, we celebrated the anniversary of the end of communism, and freedom in Poland. The great thing is that we can now make these kind of projects together in Europe. Thank you all again.

Eva R, Norway said...

Great to see that you actually visited the winners of the competition - I'm so happy that you've got the opportunity, and you really deserved it!
As Anna-Lena said; "I really understand what huge project we've been a part of" - and she's right; You made a SUPERSCHOOLOVISION, Michael, thanks a lot for making it happen (again, and again - I wonder where you're travelling next time in "Schoolovision-affair").
Have a really nice summer!

Bergfrid Kolltveit said...

Hello everybody! Wonderful to see Michael with the happy winners in Brno! I also want to say thank you for an educating and fun experience these last few months!

aurum said...

this is what is done - great. Good luck.
All the best,
Aurelija, Lithuania

mayte said...

They're great photos and great children and teachers! It was a fantastic experience for teachers and children to work in this project. I hope next year we can work together and have a new fantastic experience of being europeans again. Thank you everybody and especially to Michael for his hard work.

Stadil-Vedersø Skole said...

Hi Michael
Congratulation, you have done a fantastic work, which make Europe smaller. My children send you the best wishes and are looking forward to next year. Czech Republic deserved the trophy, but many children in all Europe have done their best and have high hopes for next time. A fine way to exchange culture and get to know children in many countries.

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Hi everyone!
Schoolovision2009 turned into SUPERSCHOOLOVISION for sure!!!
I spoke with a deputy of my Town Hall and the Mayor will send you all a letter. It will be like a gift of recognition for all our work... and it's very interesting to consider "our work" as one, our Europe... now not so distant as it seemed at the beginning.
The depth of implication of the pupils from so many centers is priced very positively in the project as well as the collaborative task that all were carrying out between all schools. This work will serve as starting point so other centers could pioneer similar projects.
Town Hall of Arraiolos and my School supported this project( and would like to introduce it (as well as the resemblance and existing cultural differences between Arraiolos and other cities) to citizens.
Also we would like to express our will of having a more extensive knowledge between our cities.
We, Portuguese in these case people of Arraiolos ("Arraiolenses") will be pleased of welcoming you in the moment which you wish to visit us.
In this context, “O TAPETE ESTÁ NA RUA’09” ("The carpet is in the Street") between 5th and 14th of June 09 will demonstrate the importance of more representative and genuine craft of our country, globally recognized, the "Carpet of Arraiolos," to which are added to food, tourism and local products of quality. "The carpet is in the Street" is a decisive contribution to preserving traditions, highlighting the historical, cultural and landscape and raising the skills of our economic fabric.
Congratulations again to Czech Republic! You were the best and I wished I could also visit you one day...
As eTwinner I consider this project as a true example of what we can do around Europe... we travelled for free and learn a lot of things!
As an eTwinning ambassadour I did last 9th May a workshop in our Annual Event:Europ@ Escola about eTwinning and I included our project as an example. People liked it a lot!
A warm greeting from your friends from Arraiolos!
Carla, Portugal

Carla Vieira Sampaio da Silva said...

Hi again!
I will be very brief now...
Thanks Michael and Katja for being perfect coordinators!
We met in Ischia, Italy and our first project (this one!) was brilliant...
I hope you will like to count with me in other ones in the future...
Ideas and creativity are our weapons... our students diamonds!
Carla, Portugal

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you Michael for doing such a great work. You made the project, did some meeting by Flashmeeting, prepared a website and brought the throphy with your own hands to the winning country. I really admire you, how can you find such energy :)
Well done to Czech Republic once again.
There must be the winner, but we all won by getting a place in this project. It was really a great work. During the project, we had so much fun. We with the students experienced many things. The most important thing was sharing. We have done all these things with the help of you and shared our work throughout Europe. I hope we can work together in great projects done by you :)
Take care of yourself, the world needs great and hardworking people like you.

Annie said...

Well done everyone. I will show our children the blog this week when I'm back in school. They have really enjoyed the project and hope we can something soon.
Thanks to Poland for the lovely presents. They have arrived safely.
It's great to see how happy everyone is. Music makes the world go round!
All the best,

Niki- in Cyprus said...


You all look so enthousiast in the photo!! My students were really jealous of this event... It was our pleasure to take part to this whole process and my students started buzzing around about next year's song!!
It was an amazing project and really well organised to follow and get engaged to. Thanks a lot Michael and e-twinning partners!

ilaria from italy said...

great michael!what a fantastic occasion for children and teacher to show the big work they did!
it's a pleasure to have taken part in this brilliant project!
hoping to be again together, I send to everybody a big hug =)

Steffen Töppler said...
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Steffen Töppler said...

What a brilliant idea to personally deliver the trophy to the winning class! Seeing those pictures now almost feels as if we'd all been there together to have a celebration of our great project.
Again thanks to everybody for this great piece of work. And thanks for all the nice songs that have enrichened our children and also us teachers.
There are a number of favourites that I like to watch again from time to time or that I can hum at work in my classroom. My pupils instantly recognize them when I do so.
This project was great fun!

Kolla (Iceland) said...

Hi Michael you are the real superman in a superproject. I realize now how lucky we were here on the little island in the north for being a part of this project and getting to know you all. Thanks to you too for this brilliant idea and for leading us all so good through the process of the project. Hope to work with you all next year and I am locking forward to it:-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and well done Czech Republic!

Every moment of the project was a wonderful experience for each school taking part. It was a great job and we are all eager to join together again next year and perform something more again. Thanks once again to Michael for giving us the opportunity.

Greece said...

Elena Vaivai from Greece said:
I imagine the pupils' feeelings when you arrived to their school with their trophy. They worthed it!
The idea of taking the trophy from the creator of the Schoolovision contest was also perfect. Congratulations to Czech Republic again and most of all congratulations Michael again for your brilliant idea of Schoolovision 2009.Hope we work again together next year.

timada said...

I watch this project since the begining and i knew it will be something special! Congratulations , you were fantastic :-)