Tuesday, 5 May 2009


This song is about our school and the fun we have learning about different subjects. We are sorry we cannot show the faces of our pupils on this blog because of strict codes of practice in our Local Authority. We can upload the video to the twin space on eTwinning with clear video pictures and I will do that later in the week.

[EDIT- NOTE TO ALL PARTNERS] You can view the lovely, clear version of this song now by logging in to the twin space for the Schoolovision project on the eTwinning portal. Just click on the eTwinning logo near the top of the blog to go directly to the portal.


Blackie and Lang Syne in Scotland said...

That is a very good video.
Good Luck!!!

Yester Primary said...

I have viewed the version you have put on the twinspace and you have done very well, England. I'll let my pupils see both versions over the next week.
Good luck from Scotland!


Oleflemming - Denmark said...

Hi - Fine idea using Twinspace. I like both versions. The blured picture is almost art. Good luck.

Annie said...

Thank you all. Your comments are really kind. I love to see all the different songs and videos from each and everyone and I'm really proud of what our group has achieved.
Best wishes to everyone,

mayte said...

It's lovely to see your little children working all together. Good luck and best wishes from Spain.