Friday, 1 May 2009


Great greeting from Slovakia! :-)
Here we are ready for Schoolvision 2009 on-line song contest. We have chosen a song that is well known in Europe. We have sung it in four European languages - please, join us and sing with us.
Children from

Jarna school Poprad Slovakia


Oleflemming - Denmark said...

Your children have really done a great job here. Good luck to you all.

Yester Primary said...

Well done for such excellent singing!
Good luck in the contest.

Michael, in Scotland

Kolbrún (Iceland) said...

HI Slovenia
That was nice. Here you will get the song in icelandic and try to sing it :-)
Meistari Jakob, meistari Jakob
sefur þú, sefur þú
Hvað slær klukkan, hvað slær klukkan?
Hún slær þrjú, hún slær þrjú.
Regards from Iceland

Ingrid (Estonia) said...

You are so good at languages. In Estonian we have the same song too but it talks about the blacksmiths who are working hard.

Greece said...

Nice work and very good song. Good Luck and kisses from Greece!

mayte said...

It's a well known sing and we've joined to sing with you. You get it. Good work and best wishes from Spain.