Thursday, 14 May 2009

Wrap-up of all entries

Schoolovision 2009 in a short review.
All entries in alphabetical order.


Oleflemming - Denmark said...

Hi This is the best video! The most impotant thing in this project is, what we have done together. Katja and Michael are winners.
Thank you all for a good time.

Yester Primary said...

Thnaks so much to Steffen, our German partner, for managing to do this for us all- it shows the fantastic work all the partners have done in the project.

Very enjoyable!

Michael, in Scotland

lallaby73 said...

I think we are all very proud to share this fantastic experience!
thank you to all!

Humbie Primary said...

That was great, we'd love to join in next year. We really liked the Chech Republic and France. We thought it was a great idea that we could all listen to it on the internet.

Corbett in Scotland said...

That's really good for visitors on the blog so that they can see a little bit of every one! Good thinking!

puddock from Scotland said...

Hi,You were very good singers!!!!