Friday, 8 May 2009

Portugal Entry - "Menina estás à janela"

Our song is a traditional folk music about our region: Alentejo.

5th form sing it in Portuguese but at the end they sing some English words.

We hope all members enjoy it!

We are very proud cause we are relatives of a big family called Schoolovision2009 which lives around Europe and is connected with strong chains of friendship!

Lots of Hugs from Portugal and Good Luck to everyone!


Greece said...

We like your song....Bravo! Very good. Good Luck and kisses from Greece!

mayte said...

It's really good your song and delightful. My children loved it a lot. Good luck and best wishes from Spain.

Yester Primary said...

This is a really beautiful song! Very best wishes for the voting next week!

Michael, in Scotland

Anonymous said...

Nada como um som alentejano!! Parabens pela participação.

Leonor P.