Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Milimali - Song from Norway

This song is made by two of the pupils in class 6A in Odda; Amalie and Emilie. They made this song for their school when the school needed a song for their anti-bullying program.
They're singing about the school day, and being bestfriends.


Yester Primary said...

Well done Norway - this is a great song and video!
Good luck for the voting.

Michael, in Scotland

Oleflemming - Denmark said...

Hi - First song made by pupils, congratulations. Fine work and all the best wishes. Respect to the kids.

peder denmark said...

i like youre song it is nice

Jasmine (Finland) said...

I like video!Good Music!

Isabell Finland said...

This is a very good song
good luck Norway.

mayte said...

Good work and I hope it works in your objective of the program. Best wishes from Spain.