Tuesday, 5 May 2009


Childhood is the most beautiful stage in the life of any human being.. Adult persons would give anything to become children, children would give anything to grow up faster. So, give the children all the love you are able to give!
That’s what our song says.
“O lume minunată” ( It’s a wonderful world!)

" It's a wonderful world where you will find -Only children A world with a lot of sun and many toys -For Children. In this world with stories and flowers you will find -Only children And a world of innocence keep it anyway -For Children .
Yesterday we were children but the time changed usWe started in life and we had dreams fulfilled as we wanted Many good thoughts we collected and what we always learnt Children give the love we keep what's good to show them.What smile can be more truthful , more cleaner Which eyes know to talk so true? "

GOOD-LUCK EVERYONE!( Wherever you are from!)


Yester Primary said...

A lovely song which I really enjoyed!
Well done Romania!
Good Luck for the voting.

Oleflemming - Denmark said...

Hi Beautiful contribution. So happy children must be loved. Good luck to you.

Kolbrún (Iceland) said...

That´s a nice song. I liked how the cameraman danced with the camera when he took the video :-)
Good luck to you.

mayte said...

Children are our tresaure and we have to work for them. Thank you for your song is really loved. Best wishes from Spain.